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바리오키트 건설 엔지니어링용 (VARIOKIT Construction Engineering Kit)

제품 개요

바리오 키트 (VARIOKIT) 시스템의 규격 부재는 주로 토목 시공 현장에서 다양하게 적용될 수 있습니다. 이 제품은 시스템 별 특화 기능을 통해 현장의 요구 사항을 충족합니다. 필요 시, 특수하게 디자인도 가능합니다. 페리 거푸집이나 비계 시스템과 접목이 가능하므로 맞춤화된 경제적인 교량, 터널 또는 그 밖의 토목 시스템으로 적용 할 수 있습니다.

다양한 적용성
교량, 터널 그리고 그 밖의 토목 시스템의 핵심 또는 기능적인 부재로 적용 가능

신속한 조립
손쉬운 핀 체결 및 스핀들을 통한 간편한 적용

높은 효율성
표준 부재 임대가 가능하고 구조적으로 최적화된 작업 공정을 통해 높은 수준의 효율성 확보

Support Structures

With the VARIOKIT standard components, technically demanding trusses and load-bearing systems can be cost-effectively executed. In order to minimize on-site assembly times and maintain tight construction schedules, PERI also provides – if required – pre-assembled units to the construction site. Being able to rent the components along with the assembly advantages makes VARIOKIT extremely economical especially with short utilisation times.

  • VST Heavy Duty Tower
  • VRB Heavy Duty Truss Girder

Tunnel Construction

With VARIOKIT system components, cost-effective tunnel formwork carriages can be realized which are precisely adapted to meet the needs of the respective jobsite. Requirements such as drive-through openings for trucks or single-sided wall formwork are easily fulfilled. Additional components for lifting, lowering and moving are likewise available in the rentable PERI portfolio as are safe working platforms and access means. Required technical accessories, e.g. concrete pump connections, complement the VARIOKIT solutions.

  • VTC Tunnel Carriage

Bridge Construction

The VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit includes suitable system solutions for bridge superstructures and cantilevered parapets. The portfolio ranges from lightweight brackets through to complete formwork carriage and equipment solutions.

  • VCC Composite Formwork Carriage
  • VCB Cantilever Bracket
  • VARIOKIT Balanced Cantilever Equipment VBC
  • VGK Cantilevered Parapet Bracket
  • VGB Cantilevered Parapet Track
  • VGW Cantilevered Parapet Carriage

With VARIOKIT core and system components, heavy-duty shoring towers and wide-span lattice girders can be systematically assembled. Also for other construction tasks where high loads are to be transferred, VARIOKIT is the optimal system. Providing the overall solution from one source ensures optimized processes during the course of the project. Through the connection possibilities for the PERI UP modular scaffold, secure access to all working areas as well as the required working surfaces is easily integrated.

  • VST Heavy Duty Tower
  • VRB Heavy Duty Truss Girder