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페리 (PERI) 의 의미
페리의 어원은 그리스어로서 영어로는 around,  우리 말로는   ‘~ 주변을 둘러싸고 있는’ 이라는 의미, 즉 콘크리트를 감싸거나, 건물을 둘러싸고 있는 거푸집 등을 지칭함.

페리 그룹 (PERI AG)
페리 그룹은 1969년 독일에서 설립된 시스템 거푸집 및 비계 엔지니어링 전문 업체로서 고객사들의 안전시공, 공기단축, 인건비절감을 목표로 전세계에 영업망을 구축한 다국적 기업.

페리 그룹 규모
전 세계 61개 지사 운영, 90여 개국에 진출, 7,000 여명의 임직원 근무.

페리 그룹의 업계에서의 위치
40여 년간 축적된 기술력과 노하우를 통해 전세계 관련 업계를 선도해 나가고 있음.


독일에서 설립된 거푸집 전문회사

Founding of the company

Artur Schwörer together with his wife, Christl, founded the PERI company.The goal of the enterprise is the rationalization of concrete construction. Construction work should be simpler, faster and safer.

PERI is a Greek prefix and means "around".

The formwork surrounds the concrete – the scaffolding surrounds the building.


The first girder is produced, the PERI T70 is born. The first order comprises 80 girders with lengths of 3.05 m. The girders are impregnated by hand using a sponge over a plastic tub and then loaded directly onto the waiting truck. The annual output is approx. 50,000 linear metres.

The production hall is built on the 6,000 m² company premises in Weissenhorn.


First major contract

Scharnebeck ship lift facility near Lüneburg, Germany

The world´s biggest twin vertical ship lift connects the Mittelland Canal and the River Elbe bridging a height difference of 38 m.


The first branches are opened

PERI expands in Germany

The first branches are opened in Hamburg and Stuttgart.


The first subsidiaries

PERI expands in Europe

The first subsidiaries are founded in Switzerland and France.


Heading into a new era


The first subsidiary outside the european continent.

GT 24 wooden lattice girder

As a further development of the T-70 V with its 36 cm height, the new GT 24 wooden lattice girder provides more flexibility on the construction site through 12 cm less overall height but with the same dimensional stability.


Dam in Turkey and TRIO panel formwork

Atatürk Dam, Turkey

The mobile SKS single-sided climbing formwork begins its international success story with the construction of the third largest dam in the world.

Europe´s leading panel formwork is launched

The universal wall formwork system is characterized by having few different individual components resulting in faster forming operations. A few years later TRIO became the market-leading system.


ACS self-climbing system

A new milestone in self-climbing technology

PERI introduces the ACS self-climbing system. Climbing takes place with the hydraulic climbing mechanism without the use of a crane. Well-designed working platforms protect site personnel during all weathers.


CAD software

73 modern CAD work stations replace the drawing boards in Weissenhorn.



bauma 1992

At the 1992 bauma, PERI presents innovations made ​​of aluminum - SKYDECK slab formwork and MULTIPROP post shores. Low weight, high load-bearing capacity, integrated measuring tape and the self-cleaning thread explain the rapid success of MULTIPROP around the world.


Öresund Connection, Denmark-Sweden

Formwork machine for the world´s largest monolithic tunnel

A purpose-built field factory produces the tunnel segments in a dry dock. The individual tunnel elements are towed out to the open sea using pontoons and then sunk to their designated positions on the seabed.

PERI has 13 branch offices in Germany and 22 subsidiaries around the world. The product portfolio includes more than 2000 products.

25 years of PERI
Anniversary celebration


PERI UP scaffold system, Petronas Towers and Quadragon

PERI UP scaffold system

With the development of the PERI UP scaffold system, PERI begins its activities in the scaffolding market. The PERI UP T 72 facade scaffolding with T-frame and guardrail in advance is safe and cost-effective.

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

During construction of the at that time highes buidling of the world with 452 m, the use of the ACS self-climbing system ensures smooth and problem-free construction progress.

New administration building

With the Quadragon, an ultra-modern office building for the PERI staff in Weißenhorn is realized.


PERI with a new logo

New PERI logo

The horizontal arrow symbolizes the increasing market presence and the growing number of satisfied customers. The vertical arrow stands for the improvement in quality of all PERI services.


20,000 linear metres of girders are produced per day.


Longest cable-stayed bridge in the world

Viaduc de Millau, France

The 2.5 km long cable-stayed bridge is constructed using special steel formwork, which rose steadily upwards cycle-by-cycle with the help of the ACS self-climbing system.


From a sculpture to a building

Turning Torso, Sweden

Due to its torsion-like architecture, the 190 m high office and residential complex requires a particularly efficient formwork concept with ACS climbing units.


Challenge for the formwork technology and investment in the future

Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

The pilot project for serial manufactured 3D formwork units sets new standards in formwork technology.

Investment in the future

PERI expands the production area by 80% and doubles the size of the logistics and delivery facilities. Altogether, PERI invests approx. 80 million euros in Weissenhorn.


VARIOKIT engineering construction kit

Flexibility and functionality for a wide range of supporting structures

For load combinations in tunnel, bridge and building construction, PERI provides for the first time a construction kit consisting of standardized, rentable system components and connecting means.


Management Board 2007 - Company's founder Artur Schwörer (deceased 2009) with his sons Alexander and Christian.


The biomass power plant at the central production site in Weissenhorn is a symbol of combined economic and ecological sustainability at PERI.


Impressive bridge construction

Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

With a length of 1.455 km and the impressive width of 60 m, the Sheikh Khalifa Bridge connects the mainland of Abu Dhabi with Saadiyat Island.


One storey per week

Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago, USA

Thanks to SKYDECK and ACS, the gigantic residential and hotel complex is completed in record time. The result is the tallest reinforced concrete building in the Americas.


Construction site of the century

Re-development of the Panama canal

The new construction of the giant lock facilities on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts respectively is the largest single order in the company's history.


myPERI - the Online Portal

Up-to-date, transparent and available round the clock

PERI is the first formwork and scaffolding manufacturer to offer its customers direct access to the required information. All project documentation is available online at any time.